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was against it situation here. tell me about the marco rubio here with jeb bush on immigration. >> i don't think there is a marco rubio playbook. if jeb bush is running for president, he may be running from marco rubio. he spoke too soon. he thought the republican party would be behind where he was let's allow the illegals to stay here. now they've leapfrogged him and saying let's make them citizens. he now becomes the guy who was out in front saying, o shoot i said the same thing. >> michael: is there anything to the theory that jeb bush didn't going to run. he wants to see marco rubio succeed, so he goes to the right of rubio. >> jeb bush doesn't seem to know where he's the at. he said last year my time has passed. that was the moment. i could have run then. now it's maybe i'll think about it for the next time. >> he's hoping that america will forget that his brother george bush was president. >> michael: you know who has not forgotten cpac. you're talking about all the clowns going to cpac, jeb bush is going to cpac, and that's a problem. >> daddy bush. >> michael: i think it was popp
colleagues. among them, marco rubio, mitch mcconnell. code pink. the tea party-backed group freedom works. our own chuck todd tweeted -- best illustrated by a democrat who has raised similar concerns about the drone program. he joined rand paul. >> i think senator paul and i agree that this nomination, also provides a very important opportunity for the united states senate to consider the government's rules and policies on the targeted killings of americans. the executive branch should not be allowed to conduct such a serious and far-reaching program by themselves without any scrutiny, because that's not how american democracy works. >> the issue was reignited this week when attorney general eric holder ruled out the possibility of drone strikes on americans. he testified before the senate judiciary committee. >> does the constitution allow a u.s. citizen on u.s. soil who doesn't pose an imminent threat to be killed by the u.s. government? >> i do not believe that -- again, you have to look at all of the facts. the facts that you have given me, i would not think in that situation a use of
to senator marco rubio, also of florida, who is considering a bid of his own. if he decides to run, will jeb bush be the front-runner in the republican field or will the recent flap over his contradictory statements over immigration dent his public image? michael steele is the former chair of the republican national committee and an msnbc political analyst, and ron reagan is an author and msnbc political analyst. michael, is he your front-runner if, in fact, he gets into it? >> i believe he is. very much like hillary for the democrats would be an automatic front-runner. i think jeb has a great deal of gravitas in the republican party. i know that there were a lot of folks pining for him to enter the race in 2012 and obviously 2008 as well. so i think he's right, i think he's taken his time. he's measured himself on these things, and i think he's now beginning to put out there what you noted in setting this segment up, the conversation with donors as well as with activists around the country. i think he needs to be a little bit careful in how he does that obviously. he's already kind of got a
in the future too. >> he did have nice things to say about marco rubio. you just heard it right here. jeb bush, seriously considering a presidential run in 2016. what does that mean for the rest of the republican field? what does that mean for hillary clinton? first, white house soup of the day, no soup gets any better than if you melt cheese on top of it. it's french onion. and the dow has passed its high and is trading above 14 for the first time ever. both records were set in october of 2007. less than a year before the economic collapse, financial collapse. we'll be right back. i'm a conservative investor. but that doesn't mean i don't want to make money. i love making money. i try to be smart with my investments. i also try to keep my costs down. what's your plan? ishares. low cost and tax efficient. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of
. david, how bad was this rollout because lindsey graham, john mccain, and marco rubio have all chastised mr. bush. senate majority leader harry reid says jeb bush's position on immigration is not evolving, it's devolving. are republicans ready to be led by a man as unprincipled as mitt romney again? >> well, i guess the democrats can hope so. i think jeb bush looked at the last guy who got the nomination for the republican party and sees a path. that path is flip-flop, flip flip, flop flop, flip-flop. it's really quite stunning because if you go back and look at what he said on charlie rose, he was acknowledging that at the time he had a position that was outside the conservative mainstream, but he was a guy that a lot of people were saying, hey, the republicans want to get out of this mess they're in with latino voters. look to jeb bush. and then he goes and writes this book which obviously he wrote this book before the gang of eight, you know, or six, seven, 14, whatever it is came up -- >> gang of eight, yes. >> -- came up with the immigration plan. then he decides he's going to take
, i don't think jeb bush is a florida leader. i think marco rubio is. bush has been elected to nothing, lately. rubio is the leader on immigration. and he wants to have an immigration bill. i appreciate that. >> steve, that is a wonderful senate moment. there is senator reid, saying, ignore that other guy from florida, who, by the way, is marco rubio's big problem in running for president, if jeb bush runs. ignore that other guy from florida. pay attention my fellow senator, marco rubio. it also gives reid the opportunity to help coax along, actually getting something done on the issue in the senate. >> yeah. he gave him some tough medicine. and look, i think that when you examine this issue, that for the republicans, unless we are able to secure the border, unless we're able to deal with that, finally, once and for all, it's not possible to get a bill done, certainly on the democratic side. if you don't have a pathway to citizenship, it's not possible to get a compromise done. so, it's just a nonstarter, as a policy proposal and so, i think that when you look at sequestration and all
didn't jump in last time around. >> dana: too early, bob? >> bob: not too early. this is marco rubio's worst nightmare. >> dana: and they're good friends. >> bob: you see what happens with friendship when you run the same state. i'd be curious a poll between the two of them now in florida. >> kimberly: do one. >> bob: the thing about bush, he is married to hispanic woman, correct? >> kimberly: lovely. >> dana: yes. >> bob: he speaks spanish. long record of like his brother george of having good relationship with the hispanic community. i have to think that was rubio's biggest selling point. if bush gets in the middle of that, it takes away florida as an issue but the hispanic piece. >> kimberly: neutralizes rubio. >> bob: absolutely. >> dana: the reason he was out today doing this was not to announce he was going to run for office. it is about a book he has out on immigration. take a listen and get your thoughts. >> immigration is a get away issue. it's not the dominant issue for asian-americans and hispanic-americans but a gateway. if you send a tone that you don't want people to be
this all day. i do think you see ted cruz, senator from texas. marco rubio from florida. and rand paul from kentucky. that is the new guard. old guard is mccain, lindsey graham, mitch mcconnell. i got to say, guys, when you look at it, the republicans, conservatives who would you rather have going forward representing you? the new young bucks -- they got it going on. by the way, for the record, mr. mccain after all this came out and said he thought rand paul was wrong for doing what he did. scratching my head all day why don't you embrace the young guys instead of continueed infighting? >> kimberly: it's interesting how it is lined up with who is pro and con versus a display of democracy. so what do you think about it? young guns? young bucks? what does this happen on libertarian island? >> greg: i'm still thinking 12 hours without peeing. that is a leak the white house is happy about. the big story here is not about the old or the new guard in my opinion. it's turning president obama to dean wermer. he is the bad guy in the animal house franchise. it's a movie, actually. obama generally wa
is the only governor -- tops paul ryan 50 to 38 and leads marco rubio 50-34. nbc's senior editor mark murray is here. he's the guy that has the coalition already built there that he can inherit from his father. a lot of folks, and you and i have had this conversation before, rand paul had a lot of energy behind him. rand paul seems to be a much better face, much better spoken and has a ton of energy about him. >> you end up looking at rand paul, he did create a splash this week with what he did on that filibuster, luke. and it was amazing to me, not only the splash that he got among conservative pundits, the rush limbaughs, but also the backlash he got from john mccain and lindsey graham, who said this isn't the type of position on national security our party should be taking. >> on the democratic side, we saw joe biden's schedule. seems to touch on all the groups you would need to touch on to come through a democratic primary. but this far out, we're in march of 2013, it seems to me that it's hillary, and that decision, and that's it. from the aides i've talked to, if she wants it, it's her
it in the face of marco rubio. >> john: that's reading into it more than i dared thom. it was also about erasing the unpleasant memory of him getting into a slap fight with secretary clinton last month. does attorney general holder's second letter we just read mean that senator paul succeeded in his filibuster work? >> no, not at all. rand paul is claiming victory when he knows that letter reflects no change in administration policy. the letter -- the second letter that holder said basically we would not kill somebody who was not engaged in combat against us on u.s. soil. that's been the position of the obama administration all along. the tricky problem is what does combat mean. >> john: exactly. >> we haven't had a declaration of war since 1941 in this country. so george w. bush invented this category called enemy combatants so they could be anywhere in the world including manhattan. it is like we need to have this conversation now. >> john: a lot of our democratic friends don't like to hear it but it has been continued that abuse. you hit the nail on the head. kill an american not engaged in c
further to the right on immigration from marco rubio, and it puts him at odds with texas governor rick perry who is i hope also considering another presidential run. jeb bush threw his hat in the ring today, not just for the presidential election four years from now, but as the new voice of the republican party, someone that is going to get attention and who already has hispanic credibility. here is the trick. jeb bush can come out and talk out of both sides of his mouth, which is certainly important in today's climate. one other thing to really consider, democrats. what democrat is going to have the power, the capability to defeat jeb bush in florida if he did ever get the republican nomination? there is going to be over 600,000 registered hispanics by 2016 in the state of florida. it's true that romney could have won florida and still lost the election. but things change all the time. florida is a state the republicans would love to have. and the only probably democrat that could beat jeb bush in florida arguably would be hillary clinton. that going to happen? get your cell phones ou
with conservatives and with hispanic voters. >> annette, what is the dynamic with senator marco rubio on this? >> he was definitely trying to send a message to senator marco rubio that he is in the race. he is trying to send a message to the donors he is in the race, he is going to run. however, this move is surprising to all of us, and it seems like he is more interested in just trying to appease to the tea party and to the base of the republican party. unfortunately, that's what it is now. and in just his political agenda of becoming a president than in really doing what is right for country and for state of florida. >> professor, as if they haven't learned anything from the last candidate. >> well, absolutely right. it's a great miscalculation, because here the flip-flopping doesn't serve any interests he wants to entertain as a potential president. the reality as a presidential candidate. so if you're going to talk about strengthening your presence among latinos, which he got great credit for. not only existentially in person because he himself is married to a latino woman, but because he has be
hillary clinton by 12 points. hillary clinton got 50 percent support. senator marco rubio were put one-on-one and not surprisingly the republican politician did better than any republican but hillary clinton beat chris christie by eight points to chris kristi's 37. when the poll matched joe biden he did not do as well. biden beats paul ryan 35-42. he came in three points behind christie. joining me now is msnbc's joy read. and maggie habermann. it looks good when you look at those numbers at a distant spot. even this far out. the republicans had a lot of the same problem that they had before. it is scott walker who doesn't have enough awareness. you know it is marcu rubio who named rappers. it is not a great field. you have chris christie who poles the best. the base doesn't want chris christie. you have marcu rubio hillary has name recognition and she goes in as a huge favorite. >> he said it is worth noting that hillary has good poll numbers in 2006 looking toward the 2008 election before she faced relative unknown barack obama. there is something to that. there is a lot to that. i r
of the senators there, i know ted cruz from texas and mike lee from utah, marco rubio earlier today as well joining him in this real filibuster. remember, most filibusters don't take place, but they say this is a filibuster and this is rand goes to washington or dr. paul goes to washington. if you want to see a real filibuster we'll continue to monitor throughout the night. also, evidence is mounting that the administration is deliberately inflating the effects of the sequester. now, yesterday we told you about homeland security secretary janet sherlock napolitano and lies about airport delays. we have proof that this is calculated. a leaked e-mail from a department field officer shows him alerting his emergency people a response from the budget office about the latitude he has in making cuts. according to the partially redacted e-mail reads as follows, so it is our opinion however you manage that reduction you need to make sure we're not contradicting what we said the impact would be. i think we can safely say it's a smoking gun. it's shameful, from canceling white house tours to announcin
of the republican party like florida senator marco rubio and texas senator ted cruz joined rand paul in the filibuster against the obama administration's drone poll sane i think that's what really fired up folks like mccain and graham seeing some of the young stars of the republican party, the young tea party stars going on a tangent regarding national security and foreign policy and the republican party definitely isn't known for. >> let's play what rand paul -- just gave an interview this morning to glenn beck on his radio show. here's a little bit of what rand paul said regarding his critics. let's play it. >> government were comprised of angels we wouldn't need rules and so i try to make it less about president obama and more about what if some day we elect someone who wouldn't -- who would abuse this power? >> senator, there's been some criticism of your filibuster last night including from apparently lindsey graham saying that the idea is that we're going to use a drone to attack a citizen in a cafe in america is ridiculous. >> well, i agree it's ridiculous idea but why wouldn'
. >>> senator marco rubio had advice for his longwinded colleague, rand paul. he said -- keep some water nearby. trust me. the florida senator is still laughing about his state of the union slurp caught on camera. >>> well, he wanted the executive office, he's settling for the executive committee, running to work at his son tagg's firm, reportedly working just one day a month. >>> the 68-year-old republican will square off against irish john foley in a two-round exhibition start. the longtime boxing fan says if foley goes all out, it will be a quick fight. ♪ >>> and talk about rebranding your image, the campaign team for notoriously sedate mitch mcconnell taped this video, spoofing the viral dance craze, so which senator might be next? roll call points to marco rubio, who tweeted -- if i put together a video, who should be in it is it taking suggestions now. >>> if you read only one thing this morning, the city that brought us the controversial into on super-sized drinks is now targeting another issue. warning teenagers they could lose their hearing by cranking up the volume on headphones. no
, former governor jeb bush of florida, bobby jindal, marco rubio, a different group of people that chris christie will be the competing against and competing as a governor from the liberal northeast, i think it's an uphill battle. >> i still think right now republicans should be taking a big tent approach. this is one of the most popular governors in the country. democrat or republican, he's forcing some people to take another look at the republican party, independents in particular, and this is not the time to be putting in place litmus tests who is viable presidential material. we're three years away from iowa. >> now what, jason, he has never come to the cpac conference in washington. he's been invited and never shown up. and there's nothing new this year except they disinvited him. >> paul: the christie record is mixed 9.6% unemployment, one of the worst in the country and a tax cap on property and endorsed a tax-- and better than bob mcconnell, who have had by virginia, just did that. and how much has the christie record done in order to sell himself to primary voters in 2016. >> yo
also faired well against marco rubio. the poll gives her a 16-point edge, 50% to 34%. it's a slightly closer match-up with former vp nominee paul ryan, the wisconsin congressman trails clinton by 12 points. vice president joe biden hasn't said if he'll run to take his boss's place, but if he does he's trailing chris christie 43% to 40%. meanwhile, the state and defense are done, but the jury has some questions for murder defendant jodi arias. jurors submitted more than 100 questions after she spent more than two weeks on the stand discussing the murder of her ex. arizona allows jurors to pose questions to witnesses. >>> former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords is again calling on congress to take action on gun control. giffords returning to the tucson site where a gunman shotter in the head and killed six others. >> be bold, be courageous, please support background checks. >>> and floridians may want to take cover. mega mosquitoes could invade the sunshine state this summer after wild weather forced the larva to hatch. they could be two times the size of a normal mosquito, abou
cruz, marco rubio standing besides him cheering him on as well as the aclu and code pink, code pink, chris. >> you've got it. anytime-- what rand paul managed to do was forge a brief alliance that went from democrats, ron wyden from oregon, senator, to ted cruz, very libertarian from texas and held the establishment figures like his fellow republican senator from texas, minority leader mitch mcconnell and others, though in softer tone, stood with him and stood behind him on this issue because he forced them to choose between a romantic moment, this mr. smith moment, and business as usual in washington and he put together for a minute an interesting coalition. >> megyn: i love that as we're talking about his romantic moment, the milky way is falling out of his mouth and finger in the ear and the match up didn't work out well. >> we have a lower threshold for romanticism here in washington than do you in new york. >> megyn: i'll talk to your wife about that. chris, thank you. >> you bet. >> megyn: and we're not done yet. in our next hour, senator paul will join me live and you need to
are facing primaries in 2014. marco rubio, another presumptive 2016 candidate. lindsay graham made a very interesting point about can you imagine the leading republicans in the senate during the bush administration raising the questions that they were raising. it's just completely upended the political paradine -- gwen: big difference with the tea party pressure. >> we focus so much on the tea party, and low taxings, low spending but this is the other area where the libertarian, no big brother played out. this is where it causes some of the republican establishment some real problem. so you saw john mccain the former presidential nominee hitting paul on this issue. how to deal with the tea party on fiscal issues and social type of issues and policy issues is another question. gwen: is this one of these cases where the democrats decided this isn't my fight, i'm going to let them fight themselves? >> i think it's party loyalty. sitting senators of a sitting president don't go on the floor and go after them. ron widen who has been very consistent on this issue which is ideologically consiste
and marco rubio and paul ryan, they represent a rising generation of reformers. the question is whether the party, and in the primaries next time around, are gonna give them the leeway they need to reposition the party, which needs do some repositioning in ways that can win a majority of the american people. >> in fact, michael, you know, you kind of remind us when you write that six of the past presidential elections, four have gone to democratic nominees. and in contrast, five out of six elections went to republicans between 1968 and 1988. so what's behind what you are calling this kind of "stunning reverse a.m. of electoral fortunes"? >> it's a confluence of factors, none of them good for republicans there are demographic shifts going on. you know in 1976, about 89% of the national vote for president was white. in the last election, it was more like 72%. and this's a big shift. there's a -- there have been problems with candidate quality, to be honest. but there's also a big problem with economic messaging, a lot of the republican message now seems stuck in the '80s when it comes to
the president laid out tonight. >> so, marco rubio's not the best choice either. but look out republicans, there's a new candidate for the job. jeb bush. yes, the son and brother of former presidents bush is the latest republican to say he'd consider a run for the white house. but is he conservative enough to win over the far right? last year he said he'd support a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. >> you can't ignore it. and so either a path to citizenship which i would support and that does put me probably out of the mainstream of most conservatives. or a path to legalization. a path to residency of some kind. >> now, that was last june. but now he's flipped. in his new book jeb opposes a pathway to citizenship. he writes it is absolutely vital to the integrity of our immigration system that actions have consequences. in this case, that those who have violated the laws can remain but cannot obtain the cherished fruits of citizenship. okay. so now jeb opposes a pathway to citizenship. right? wrong. here's what he had to say just today. he's flipped back. >> if you can craft that in
with a straight face. and then there's gop water boy marco rubio. the party savior. his big, new idea today. shut down the government unless the president's health care law is completely defunded and repealed. what an idea. give that man another round of polo spring. but the right wing media is trying to attack over white house tours? >> look, mr. president, if you can't keep the white house open, let me try. >> listen, this isn't trying to up stage a president. this isn't playing a game. he's playing the political game by saying i'm closing the white house. >> they're worried about tours. where's the out rage over the cuts to the poor over food stamps. cuts to head start. over the 750,000 jobs that could be lost. we're seeing real progress. but just imagine what this recovery could look like if they stop getting in the way. joining me now, jonathan capehart and j arkared bernstei. how strong are these jobs today? >> they're strong. almost every industry added jobs and it only lasts three months. i'd like to kind of average out the monthly reports. they're a bit volatile. we've been adding about
, the rule of law and respect to human rights. senator marco rubio said the venezuelan people have an opportunity to turn the page on one of the darkest periods in its history and embark on a new, al bet it different path to restore the rule of law in a nation that deserves so much better. michael hirsch and "the washington post" editorial writer ruth marcus. good to see both of you again. michael, how might his death represent a different opportunity for a stronger relationship with the united states here? >> well, he was really a unique quality. it's difficult to say what the vice president who will be interim president will do, he was very devoted to chavez, and chavezista movement. he hurled assaults at the united states, so there's no change there. but he's also said to be a less charismatic, someone more willing to compromise, so there's certainly a possibility anyway that things could move beyond the democrat gogry we have seen for the last 12, 13 years. >> yeah, certainly not in support of the united states and trying to separate itself politically as well as economically.
senator marco rubio is condemning venezuela's newly sworn-in president. senator rubio says the naming of vice president nicolas maduro to replace hugo chavez violates the swvenezuelan constitution. the head of the legislature, not the vice president, is next in line following the president's death. back in this country, the president has a busy week ahead. on tuesday president bush will go to capitol hill to meet with democratic caucus. wednesday, he'll meet with house republicans and on thursday he'll meet witheth bo the democratic and the republican senate caucuses. it's all an attempt to work on a grand bargain with the gop, but does the president and leaders in congress have the same goals? joining me now from the white house is nbc's kristen welker. first of all, what kind of reception will the president get among republicans on the hill when he visits next week? >> reporter: well, i think he will get a positive reception, craig. for the most part he's gotten a positive reception in having these conversations with republican senators and members of congress. after his dinner this
the next tupac >> peter: it is lil' wayne. he called himself the next tupac and marco rubio said there's only one lil' wayne. 33 minute past the hour. "full court press." peter ogborn sitting in for bill press today. he's here, our good friend. it is tuesday morning we're now joined by managing editor, congrats! >> thank you, thank you. >> peter: big news. you guys made it happen. igor volsky here every tuesday morning bright and early. [ applause ] from the studio audience. they love me. >> i want to start out with this clip on jimmy kimmel live last night because i know it sounds like a weird segue. >> i was sleeping because i had to get here so i didn't see it. >> we had our overnight guys pull the audio. >> big staff here. wow. you guys have grown too. >> totally. i want to let you hear this because this is how american people view the sequester. >> what do you think about president obama's decision to pardon the sequester and send it to portugal? >> i think it is a good idea. obama makes really good decisions and i'm with him 100%. >> i'm so grateful because portugal should be pro
that started before that dinner. >> but more budget drama could be ohhen the horizon. marco rubio told a radio host he may not sign on to the latest temporary spending bill keeping the congress running. >> about a year and a half ago i voted for the first continuing resolution, the last stop-gap measure that i'm going to vote for. i'm only going to vote from here on on something serious. >> asked whether he might filibuster, they said, we're reviewing our legislative options. back at the white house where officials say the automatic cuts are forcing them to cancel all public tours starting this weekend, visitors are he is los their patience. >> it's supposed to be government for the people. by taking away the tours, they are not letting them see the government. >> reporter: white house will only offer vague details about where it is cutting its own budget. >> pay cuts, furloughs, other things. >> in the west we think as well? >> in the west wing as well. >> reporter: the white house is con ukt diddi conducting some of its business in secret, arranging from israel to energy policy, meetings tha
beat marco rubio? i think given this -- >> that's not how we run for president? >> you got to get the primary. but i don't think he could beat rubio in his own state. >> what does that prove? >> it proves i don't think he has the claim. i know people like you who want an adult leader for your party love him. i don't see how he plays with the base of the republican party. >> go with that point. he seems too moderate for your far out wing. >> i don't think he would run against marco rubio. they're friends. i don't think that's going to be a problem. i do think he has a problem with the wing of the party that is still against the war in iraq. and he's got to figure out a way -- because there is a wing. there is a libertarian wing that did not like iraq. he's got to answer those questions about the iraq war. >> but also to foreign policy, i think the yahoo wing of the party, the people who cheer rd when they talked about self-deportation. >> can we do something nonideological. you're left, he's right. when a party gets beaten in an election they thought it was going to win because the
. >> sean: well, i've interviewed you now on this, marco rubio on this and rand paul and i think between the three of you there is a solution. i like your idea that sorry, if you didn't respect our laws and sovereignty, we'll give you a path to a green card. i like rand paul saying that we've got to secure the borders first and verify it before we move forward. you disagree in the book? >> definitely disagree with that. that's like, sean, that is like a doctor saying we're not going to treat the cancer until the symptoms go away. basically, you cannot secure the border until you have a legal immigration system that works. why are these people-- >> why can't you do that? why can't you secure the border first, so-- i don't want to use an analogy, we're talking about people's lives and i'm worried about terrorists that don't have our best interests at heart. if your boat's leaking and you plug up the hole, then you bail the water. >> right, we take terrorism very seriously in the work, we talk about ways to do that, but in terms of illegal immigrants, we come from people who risked a lot mo
kind. >> bush's new stance puts him at odds with senators john mccain and fellow florian marco rubio, a potential opponent in 2016. a desire to take down would-be rivalled might also explain bush's criticism of fellow republican chris christie. >> it makes me look svelt too. >> he does. >> i'm looking for that. >> that's why you did sdmroosh you just -- you were thinking christie when you looked at me. >> i think there was some disappointment in how governor christie dealt with the budget issues related to sandy. i think the issue of castigating the house particularly for not going along with a $60 billion spending deal that had very little to do with sandy recovery. that's what i think was the critique. >> the former governor's attempt at rehabilitation of brand bush has been afoot since last summer culminating in this week's media blitz, but with other show horses in the stable, where does jeb fit? martin, you have a copy of "immigration wars" that you read over crumpettes. >> no, bran flakes. i haven't been able to complete reading it. i got it about 15 minutes ago, but i do note
afternoon and continuing into the evening. earlier a lighter moment when florida's marco rubio offered this bit of advice. >> i have been here a while. let me give you some free advice, keep some water nearby to have handy. >> chocolate, jelly beans, a few step of water and mark kirk from illinois brought him hot tea in the last hour, shep. >> shepard: a lot of republicans talking up there. during "studio b" we looked up and lo and behold a democrat. >> that's right. and to be clear, the senate majority leader harry reid has not been irritated by this at all. he recognizes this is a senator's right if you will but earlier there were a number of republicans who went up there so ask some lengthy questions. give a bit of a breather. they're mike lee, ted cruise, jerry more ran. chambliss, marco rubio and cornyn. who was help from the a democrat. >> the congress and the public need to know what the rules for targeted killing are so they can make sure as senator paul has touched on in the course of this day that american security and american values are both being protected. >> it will be i
of competent aggressive people running, whether it's from his home state, marco rubio or john kasich or scott walker, or raprand paul you're watching tonight, 2016. >> greta: any women in that mix? >> i think you could see susanna martinez from new mexico, nikki haley and kelly ayotte, the senator from new hampshire. >> greta: you mentioned florida, governor rick scott has decided to expand the medicaid, which after he said he wouldn't and i think that governor chris christie like-wise, i can't remember, but does governor rick perry says he's not taking it. >> you know, the great thing about the federalist system is that 50 governors have to make decisions from 50 states. i would-- my bias is with rick perry, but i don't second guess a governor of a state who makes a decision that he thinks is right for his state. that's why you have a federalist system and that's why the 10th amendment is important. we'll see over the next four or five years which person made the right decision. >> greta: at the dinner tonight that was in washington that we just spoke about at the jefferson hotel. speaker bo
by marco rubio touted as a potential republican front-runner for 2016. >> nothing has frustrated me more than false choices like the one the president laid out tonight. the choice isn't just between big government or big business. >> or perhaps mr. paul witnessed the embarrassing sight of jeb bush publishing a book on immigration and then contradicting its contents. >> you do not want to offer them a path to citizenship. >> mr. paul has varied track record. we know he voted against the violence against women act signed into law today. appears to support the use of transvaginal probes, and would like to repeal the 1964 civil rights act. but compared with messrs. rubio and bush, rand paul has just delivered a seamless 13-hour long promotion of himself without even resorting to a cathet catheter. for that he's probably improved his odds on a run for 2016, and that's probably the reason why he did it. thanks so much for watching this afternoon. chris matthews and "hardball" is next. >>> drone ranger. let's play "hardball." ♪ >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start
. >> thank you, andrea. thanks for having me. >> up next in our daily fix, marco rubio channels jayzee. ted cruz does his best henry v. bhaets going in the senate? >> north korea threatens nuclear attacks. you're watchinging "andrea mitchell reports" only on nbc. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth! and wesley & ashley are looking for a brand new smartphone. let's go. we've got a samsung galaxy sii on t-mobile monthly4g for only $299 with no annual contract. nice! [ earl ] see for yourself. get the samsung galaxy s ii on t-mobile's nationwide 4g network. walmart. nationwide 4g network. some people will do anything to help eliminate litter box odor. ♪ discover tidy cats pure nature. clumping litter with natural cedar, pine, and corn. bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an ar
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